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Player Drafts finally made simple.

Viewing the relevant player information all on one screen makes creating fair and balanced teams incredibly easy.
Easy to read tools to help with drafting decisions.

Displaying player information such as age and player rating takes the guesswork out of making teams fair and balanced.

Any "requests" players may have entered during registration will also appear. So you can do your best to make sure Matt is on the same team as Pete because they share a ride.
Mass team assigning makes adding players to teams very efficient.

Whether you are drafting a single player or hundreds of players, simple team selection dropdowns makes the process quick and easy.

Optionally, you can also use the Auto-Draft tool to automatically evenly assign all of your players to teams.
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Work on your teams over time. Only "publish" when you are ready.

Our unique reseller service allows you to be worry free when it comes to providing and maintaining Online Registration. We resell your registrations and pay you directly to your bank account every week.
LeagueToolbox automatically informs all parents of their childs team.

Multi-player discounts, early bird and late registration fees, discount codes, donations and split payments are all configurable options. Registration for Players, Coaches, Officials and Teams can all be individually setup through LeagueToolbox.

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